Oct 15,2013
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For one night only HIT LIST will be performed at 54 Below in New York!

It’s happening! It’s actually happening!

You can find out more about the event here: http://54below.com/artist/hit-list/

Let me know if any of you are going! I’d love to hear about it!

Jul 8,2013
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Jun 9,2013
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  1. Love Like Mine
  2. Boys And Buses
  3. Back Home
  4. It’s My Life
  5. If I Didn’t Know Better


I’ve started posting songs over on Nashville Weekly! Go check it out! I’ll probably have one episode uploaded every day.

Jun 8,2013
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  1. Cut, Print… Moving On
  2. Mama Makes Three
  3. On Broadway
  4. Don’t Dream It’s Over
  5. Broadway Here I Come!
  6. Caught in the Storm


Okay guys! I’ve started moving things to Skydrive, which will hopefully be easier for all of us!

It’s definitely easier for me to update with songs (I don’t have to create a new zip file every time a new song pops up or I change something like artwork). And you guys have the option of downloading singles or zips! I’ll just explain briefly how it works.

When you click the link you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this

To download singles:

To download a zip

I hope this makes downloading things easier for you guys! Let me know what you think of this way of uploading things!